Hangzhou HealSun Biopharm Co. Ltd

Hangzhou Healsun Biopharm Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2015, a high-tech antibody/recombinant protein CRO/CDMO company, offering end-to-end service by multiple platforms from early developability assessments, stable cell line construction, culture medium customization, process development (including ADC), to pilot production, IND application and clinical production. Healsun has Shanghai & Huangzhou two sites, over 180 employees. Shanghai R&D center has high-tech analytical platform and transient expression platform to support customers to do antibody humanization design, developability assessments and stability research from early stage for potential candidates’ predication and evaluation. Hangzhou headquarters has high performed cell line development platform(HaoYue) to transform customers’ research into cost effective reality. The single-use 2*250L, 2*500L GMP production lines and fully automated final drug product formulation line facilitate the path to clinical. The standard timeline is 8 months from DNA to toxicology batch delivery and 12-15 months to IND filing. Meanwhile, Healsun also has 6* 2000L commercial production lines are under construction in Hangzhou,and will put into use in the end of 2024. The vision of Healsun is to enable new drug research and development, accelerate the progress of biomedicine industry.

HealSun Headquarters Building